Appropriate properties for a new corrosion resisting reinforcing steel

Abstract :

Past efforts to build reinforced concrete structures for highly corrosive environments have included the use of austenitic chromium steels as reinforcing. The extremely high cost of these steels has prompted investigation into the use of leaner chromium steels as a cheaper alternative. Whilst one of these leaner alloys was shown to outperform mild steel in basic corrosion tests, there still appears to be a possible danger of stress corrosion. Pull-out tests confirm a lower bond strength between concrete and these chromium steels and an innovative new rib pattern is proposed to overcome this problem. By cold-twisting, the stress-strain properties of conventional reinforcing steels were manipulated to model three extremes. These steels were used to reinforce 8 concrete beams, and the stress-strain properties characteristic of chromium steels were found to enhance the ductility of sections in bending, provided failure was governed by significant yielding of these steels in tension.



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