Aspects of physical appearance and clothing behaviour

Abstract :

The literature survey reports that persons electing cosmetic plastic surgery for aesthetic or medical reasons, or those persons not electing any form of surgery, often experience physical, psychological and socio-cultural problems. The complexity among the associated variables, body images, identity status, fashionable clothing behaviour and social self-consciousness were investigated comparatively, using a biopsychosocial approach. The samples consisted of cosmetic surgery patients (n=25), Black and White female fashion participants (n=60) and breast oncology case studies (n=3). The research methods included descriptive and inferential statistics. A maximum of six questionnaires was administered per individual. The results indicated that a positive body image perception was related to identity integrity, fashionable dressing and a sense of social acceptance. Insight into the importance placed on the body as a means of self-expression can contribute to successful cosmetic and breast oncology surgery and also promote intercultural harmony, by reducing body-based prejudice.



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