Aanvaarding vanuit ‘n beroepsori”enteringsperspektief

Abstract :

Indications that the pedagogical relation of confidence, and especially acceptance, has particular meaning for vacational orientation. By integrating the definitions of acceptance with those of essences of vocational orientation an indication is given of a possible synthesis. These essences of vocational orientational-acceptance are utilised in the group discussion as a condition of possible orientation with vocational maturity. Ultimately they also serve as criteria for vocational orientation. Acceptance as a phenomenon is described during his entire progress towards the ability to choose a career the young person is under an obligation to actualize his potential as a person on the highest possible level. Some teenagers with limited potential, however, show such a disturbed personality image that it leads to an obscure future perspective. As a result of a disturbed sense of meaning the teenager’s ability to decide and his willingness to act are affected to such an extent that he cannot come to self-acceptance. This confronts parents, teachers, the orientator and other persons with the problem of assistance and support, while accepting the essentially inevitable with regard to personallity potentials and realization opportunities in labour, vocational choice and vocational practice. Recommendations emanating from this study include a programme of support, the co-operation and concern of everybody involved in acceptance orientation, and, in the case of non-acceptance in vocational guidance, intensive (penetrating) self-orientation as re-orientation



Author Le Roux K
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